You’ll CHEER When You See Who Just Publicly Destroyed Melania Trump


First lady Melania Trump came from a humble background in rural Slovenia. Melania’s hometown of Sevnica is well off the beaten path. Her fame as the wife of America’s president has put Sevnica on the map. However, many Slovenians and residents of Sevnica ask why she doesn’t come home to visit, and is never heard speaking her native tongue?

Sevnica, Slovenia

Slovenians understandably feel proud of Melania Trump, and often refer to her as the first lady of the world. Sevnica is a small town of 5,000 on the Sava River. Some residents are cashing in on the first lady’s fame and status by opening businesses containing the name “First Lady” or “Melania.” Tourists are taken by guides on tours bearing the name “Wise First Lady.” Books about Melania’s life are in the works.

Melania Trump: Slovenian Side of the Story, a book authored by Sandi Gorisek, describes Melania’s life in Sevnica, and what it was like living in that town under communist rule.

While local girl Melania reaching the international big stage fills Slovenians with pride, Gorisek also points out that “A minority of people on this side of the Atlantic wanted the election to turn out this way.”

Local writer Bojan Pozar recently gave his take on Melania’s story, which, until she left Slovenia, was fairly typical.

“Her family was never poor, as her father always made money on the side — they were the lower middle class. She was a uniquely ambitious girl with lots of mysteries, especially about her life in 1992-1996, when she moved to live abroad. We even cannot figure out all the details about her naturalization process in United States.”

Melania Trump featured on roadside sign

Melania Trump became a United States citizen in 2006, after receiving her green card in 2001.

Borut Pahor, president of Slovenia, earlier this month invited President Trump and the first lady to visit. Citizens of that nation – and local residents of Sevnica – hope that Melania will finally return home to a place that she seems to have forgotten.