You’ll Cheer When You See Who Just Publicly Eviscerated Ivanka Trump


Ivanka Trump prides herself on being so intelligent that she deserves to work in the White House despite having no experience in politics. That’s why she was particularly humiliated on Tuesday when supermodel Chrissy Teigen roasted her on Twitter for her poor grammar usage.

Daily Mail reported that it all started when Ivanka shared a photo of herself on Twitter meeting her new nephew Luke along with the caption, “Cuddling my little nephew Luke… the best part of an otherwise incredible day!”

Teigen immediately called Ivanka out on Twitter, writing, “‘Otherwise’ implies you did not like hangin with this baby.”

“Doesn’t she mean the rest of the day was incredible, and cuddling her nephew was even better?” Twitter user Tom Davies asked.

“Overall, is the word,” Teigen replied, doubling down on the criticism.

Luke is the newborn baby of Ivanka’s brother Eric and his wife Lara. Ivanka’s poor use of grammar in this instance once again highlights how thoughtless she can be, and we applaud Chrissy Teigen for calling her out on this!

This comes as Ivanka has just fired back at liberals who have been critical of her father by effectively throwing up her hands and claiming that she has no obligation to stop him from implementing his harmful policies.

“I have my views and I share them candidly,” Ivanka told Dr. Mehmet Oz in an interview that will air Thursday. “And as a daughter I have the latitude to do that. But I also respect the process that my father is now president. And the American people elected him based on his agenda. And my job isn’t to undermine that agenda.”

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