Woman Goes On Racist Tirade In Target, ‘You F*cking Sand N*ggers’ – Throws Merchandise At Customers


A video on Twitter is going viral that shows an angry woman at Target throwing merchandise at customers and employees while screaming racist slurs.  It has been retweeted more than 18,000 times.

“You f*cking sand n*ggers!” the woman yells at the start of the video. “F*cking pieces of sh*t, f*ck all of you… all of you are sh*t!” A few seconds later, after mumbling a little more, she begins to throw stuff and behave more erratically.

When she does, a security guard tackles her to the floor and attempts to handcuff her as she screams for help and shouts “I’ll leave if you let go!”

But this is a little different than the run-of-the-mill racist tirade video. The woman seems either drunk, disturbed, or both. Towards the beginning of the video, she shouts “My Son!” Her speech is also chanted, and she seems to be reciting things in a sing-song way.

While it’s possible this woman was suffering in some way and is in some kind of emotional turmoil, it doesn’t excuse the violence or the Islamophobic shouting. Thankfully, the security guard reacted before it got worse.