UNBELIEVABLE: Look at What Melania Trump Did IMMEDIATELY Before Meeting With FL Flood Victims


Melania Trump opted for more sensible shoes for her trip to Florida, on Thursday, to check in on Hurricane Irma victims with her husband, President Donald Trump. She wore black and beige Chanel flats that cost $750 instead of the sky-high stilettos that cost thousands, which she wore for both trips to Texas after Hurricane Harvey hit.


The First Lady’s entire outfit was much more toned down this time, wearing flats, a black jacket and beige pants. She accessorized with a pair of sunglasses, even though the weather was quite gloomy.

While in Air Force One, the First Lady changed her clothing and was wearing skinny jeans, a button-up shirt and $50 Converse sneakers when she disembarked in Florida.


Melania received much criticism after dressing so expensively to her Harvey trips, being accused of acting pompous and not relatable to the massive amount of flood victims.

Melania still wore her favorite aviator sunglasses, and donned a ball cap like her husband, but this time the hat was merely a white one with nothing obnoxious on it. The cap Melania wore to Texas had FLotus on it, as if nobody would recognize her without her expensive gowns on.

The black back Melania carried onto Air Force One was a Hermes Birkin, which retails at $11,900 to $12,200. She left her bag on the aircraft when they landed in Florida…smart.


The First Couple landed at Southwest Florida International Airport in Fort Myers. They were greeted by Florida Governor Rick Scott, who immediately gave Donald Trump a briefing on the situation.


After listening to the governor, the President, Vice President Pence and Melania went to Naples to meet with people who had been devastated by Hurricane Irma. They all walked through Naples streets in order to get some photo-ops.


The group also took some selfies with victims to try to soften their image on social media.