JUST IN: 15 States Just Officially SUED Donald J. Trump


Americans love their Obamacare. Heck, they need their Obamacare, which is also known as the Affordable Care Act [ACA]. Without the health insurance provided by this signature piece of Obama-era legislation, millions stand to lose coverage and, subsequently, their health and even their lives. Clearly, for those who are not among the 1%, Obamacare is truly a matter of life and death.

Thankfully, even though the Trump administration is determined to throw millions of people off the roles of the insured, many states are standing up for their citizens and working hard to help them stay healthy and alive.

Specifically, 15 states, and Washington D.C., are filing lawsuits against the Trump administration, due to recent legislation which is part of the Trump administration’s efforts to dismantle Obamacare.

As reported on instapolitical.com, “[Fifteen] states (and Washington D.C.) are filing lawsuits against the Trump administration for their recent legislation aimed at dismantling Obamacare. Attorney Generals from across the country made public statements and held press conferences announcing their intent to take Donald to court over his unjustifiable restricting of key payments to insurers who offer Obamacare packages.”

As stated by Xavier Becerra, a spokesperson for the Attorney General of California, “Without the Affordable Care Act [ACA] and its subsidies for these families, millions more would be left in the cold without coverage. California isn’t about to turn its back on hardworking families who are fighting to hold onto their ACA health insurance. We’ve taken the Trump administration to court before and won, and we’re ready to do it again if necessary.”

Thank goodness that many state governments are willing to stand up for their citizens. Hopefully these lawsuits will prove able to stop Trump from raining down pain and ruin on millions of decent, hardworking Americans.