Special Prosecutor Makes New Addition to Russia Investigation – Trump Sweating Bullets


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Solid development is being made in the independent investigation into Trump-Russia ran by special counsel Robert Mueller. The GOP previously had total control over the investigation which became dead, that is until Mueller took over, adding James Quarles to his crew.

Mueller is assembling a prosecution team with decades of experience going after everything from Watergate, where Quarles began his career, to the Mafia to Enron. It is a solid indicator that Mueller and Quarles smell blood in the water.

Trump appears to be preparing for the inevitable, building up a team of lawyers’ ready for his defense. Reporters were told that all questions regarding Russia must be redirected to Trump’s lawyers last week from Sean Spicer, the current White House Press Secretary. Donald has also been acting out more frequently than normal on his Twitter account, although that comes as no surprise. He’s doomed and he knows it.

Numerous psychologists have described his actions and their assessments make perfect sense. Trump is in panic mode.

The newly assembled team will pick up exactly where other probes left off after spending their first weeks holding briefings on everything that’s been done over the past year. This includes work done by the Justice Department, FBI, and the U.S. attorney’s office in Alexandria, Virginia, on the investigations into the 2016 election.

The special prosecutor during the Watergate scandal, Richard Ben-Veniste, stated, “There is nothing comparable to the kind of pressure and obligation that this kind of job puts on your shoulders.” With the experience Quarles adds to the team, Ben-Veniste has full confidence that the job will get done, and done the right way.

The only one to blame for Mueller’s appointment is Trump himself. Shortly after he had fired James Comey, Mueller was appointed to serve as special counsel.

If you were Trump, would you be worried?