Trump Supporters Launch Vile Attack On Michelle Obama – It IMMEDIATELY Backfires


A Donald Trump supporter took to Twitter recently to slam former First Lady Michelle Obama’s reaction to Hurricane Katrina. However, it didn’t take the conservative long to realize that he’d made a huge mistake.

The International Business Times reported that Twitter user @TrumpResponders posted a photo earlier this year mistakenly implying Barack Obama was president during Hurricane Katrina and using an image of Condoleezza Rice instead of Michelle.

“Three days after Katrina she was shopping!” the photo read, along with the caption, “Three days after Hurricane Katrina: Where was Michelle Obama?”

In the wake of Hurricane Harvey, other ignorant Trump supporters began retweeting @TrumpResponders’ tweet. Twitter users, however, immediately let them know how dumb they were making themselves look.

“1. Obama wasn’t in office during Katrina. 2. B—-, that’s Condoleezza Rice,” wrote Twitter user @PhattiLabelle.

“I guess all black people look alike! That was Condoleeza Rice and Michelle wasn’t the First Lady 12 years ago!” added Zondra Wilson.

“Fact: Hurricane Katrina: August 23-31, 2005. Fact: President Obama: January 20, 2009 – January 20, 2017. Unbelievable!” wrote David A. Giulianetti.

Ah, the stupidity of Trump supporters never ceases to amaze us!