Trump Makes CHILLING Announcement After Being Caught in Lie


Friday morning the president actually stated “it is not possible” for his staff to speak with “perfect accuracy” when speaking with the American people. His intimidation of anyone, including reporters, that go against him or show him in a bad light continues.

Vice President John Pence and other White House officials stated why Donald Trump had fired FBI Director James B. Comey. In an interview with NBC News, Trump contradicted what was said earlier, making us all wonder which are lies and where Trumps manipulation goes next.

Since Comey was fired on Tuesday, Trump and his administration has been playing “monkey in the middle” with the actual reason why. In the beginning spokespeople for the White house said Trump’s decision was in no way based on anything having to do with the Russia scandal.

Trump’s aides went on to say his firing of Comey was due to the recommendation of Attorney General Jeff Sessions and Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein. They said that Trump had been considering it for quite some time but only acted after discussing it with Sessions and Rosenstein.

On NBC News, Trump told the anchor, Lester Holt, that it was his decision and his alone to fire Comey. He said he would have made it even if he hadn’t spoken with Rosenstein. And finally, that he had been thinking of “this Russia thing with Trump” when he removed the director of the FBI.

Sean Spicer, press secretary for the White House, tried to do damage control. He said the president was “dismayed” that reporters are focusing on the accuracy of statements made by his spokesmen. Spicer trying to take the blame away from the president said, “I think sometimes we don’t have an opportunity to get into see him and get his full thinking.”

The explanations just keep changing to keep us confused. The American people are losing more faith in the vice president and the White House staff. It appears that the smokescreen that Trump is creating to protect himself isn’t working like he hoped it would.

Trump took to Twitter….again!