Trump is FEEDING the Nazis – His Response to Charlottesville is SICKENING


Although already known, John Oliver has officially branded Trump as a ‘f****** idiot’ after his failure to place any blame on white nationalists after what happened in Charlottesville this past weekend.

On Saturday, a Nazi-sympathizer used his car to drive into a crowd of protesters, wounding 19 and killing one female, 32-year-old Heather Heyer.

In a press conference, right after the killing took place, the President stopped before condemning far right groups. Instead, he said that there is violence ‘on many sides’ and it wasn’t until a day later that the White House insisted he was talking about White Supremacists.

The HBO host pointed out how Trump is ‘feeding’ the Nazis.

“On many sides?” Oliver questioned. “This was a white nationalist rally. You have to call that out by name.”

He continued by saying “What kind of f****** idiot would not immediately distance himself from them?”

“So there is clearly no point waiting for leadership from our president in moments like this, because it is just not coming, which means we will have to look to one another, because incredibly, in a country where previous presidents have actually had to defeat Nazis, we now have one who cannot even be bothered to f****** condemn them.” Oliver is justly upset by the actions of our so-called president.

Pressure increased as the only black member of Trump’s American Manufacturing Council, Kenneth Fraizer, quit over the president’s response to what happened in Charlottesville.

In true fashion, Pence stood up for Trump calling out the media for focusing on the wrong problem at hand.

‘Many in the media spend an awful lot of time focusing on what the president said and criticisms of what the president said, instead of criticizing those who brought that hatred and violence to the streets of Charlottesville, Virginia,’ Pence said during an interview that aired Monday morning on Today.

It’s time Trump takes a good look at the messages he’s sending out to not only our country, but the world.