Tragic Announcement About Sen. John McCain


Senator John McCain discussed his cancer prognosis and just how severe it is on CNN’s “State of the Union.” McCain stated that since receiving the diagnosis he is handling it like a battle in a lifetime of tough fights.

McCain said, “I’m facing a challenge, but I’ve faced other challenges.” McCain, trying to stay positive, said he has no doubt he will get through this challenge as well.


McCain, an Arizona Republican Senator, was diagnosed in July with brain cancer. He stated that on Monday, he will receive what is called a magnetic resonance image test. While talking to Jake Tapper, McCain said, “I’m fine. Look, this is a very vicious form of cancer that I’m facing, but all the results so far are excellent.”

During the interview McCain stressed he is getting treatment anyone else in the United States could get and couldn’t say enough good things about all of his health care providers. He stated that part of his positive outlook is due to new medical technologies available for cancer patients.

The Senator talked about the seriousness of his disease and didn’t want to paint a “rosy picture,” but said he is grateful for each day he can celebrate his life with family and friends.


McCain seems to be at peace with his current battle, even saying, “Every life has to end one way or another.”

Tapper asked McCain how he would like to be remembered and McCain solemnly answered, “He served his country, and not always right – made a lot of mistakes, made a lot of errors – but served his country, and I hope we could add, honorably.”

After the August recess, McCain returned to Washington to focus on an upcoming key defense bill. We all want the Senator to find health and peace, and only wish him the best.