Special Counsel Mueller May Have Trump-Russia Smoking Gun


Robert Mueller was appointed in May to serve as special counsel for the Department of Justice in the investigation into links between individuals from the Donald Trump presidential campaign team and the Russian government. Well, it appears Mueller may now have access to evidence that can conclusively tie members of the Trump team and the Russians.

Dr. Dena Grayson, wife of Rep. Alan Grayson (Dem-Florida), has spoken with unnamed sources who assert that tapes exist that prove beyond a shadow of doubt that Donald Trump and members of his presidential campaign team did, in fact, collude with members of the Russian government to steal the presidency from Hillary Clinton.

Mrs. Grayson tweeted this:

“I have 2 reliable sources who say MSM (mainstream media) already possesses tapes of #Trump merrily treasoning w/Russia,” Dr. Grayson tweeted this afternoon. “Per my sources: Mueller’s backing the traitors into a corner & will 1st nail those AROUND #Trump👉then Trump. MSM also has tapes of Trump kids/associates merrily treasoning w/#Russia, which likely will drop BEFORE Trump’s.”

She followed up with the following post:

MSM also has tapes of Trump kids/associates merrily treasoning w/#Russia

Reports seem to confirm the existence of tapes proving the president’s sons plotting with members of Putin’s team. Dr. Grayson has insisted that the sources indicating the tapes’ existence are solid. If so, there may finally be the smoking gun that Mueller has been searching for.

An article in the in the Washington Post has provided the shocking revelation that Donald Trump personally dictated Donald Trump Jr.’s statement regarding his July, 2016 meeting with a Russian lawyer connected to Putin. The statement insisted that the president’s son had “primarily discussed a program about the adoption of Russian children” in their meeting. Uh, right…

Uh oh. Doesn’t look good for Donald Trump.