Scaramucci’s Response to His Wife Divorcing Him Will Make Your Skin Crawl [Read Here]


The new communication director for Trump, Anthony Scaramucci, has officially sold his soul to the Trump cause. He seems like the perfect person to play a significant role in Trump’s administration as Scaramucci has shown just how all in he is.

Losing his wife in the process appears to be no big deal to the man.

It has been reported that his wife left him because she is “not a fan of Trump, and she hasn’t exactly been on board and supportive of Anthony and his push to get back into the White House.”

Of course, Scaramucci took a Trump approach and responded to reports of his divorce on Twitter. He had posted:

“Leave civilians out of this. I can take the hits, but I would ask that you would put my family in your thoughts and prayers & nothing more.”

It’s absolutely disgusting to even think of someone that is willing to allow Donald Trump to ruin their marriage. He decided to put Trump before his very own wife and children.

This announcement of his divorce comes after Scaramucci had an insane interview with The New Yorker. During this interview he took the time to trash now former Chief of Staff, Reince Priebus.

Apparently is was Priebus who had been blocking Scaramucci from joining the administration in which he so badly wanted to be a part of.

Last Thursday Scaramucci was seen without his wedding ring on:

Sources told The Post that his wife demanded for a divorce three weeks ago, while she was nine months pregnant.

Their marriage was short lived lasting around three years. His soon-to-be ex-wife, Diedre Ball, filed divorce papers on July 6 in Nassau County Supreme Court.

While Scaramucci was in West Virginia with Trump for the Boy Scouts Jamboree this past Monday, Deidre gave birth to their baby boy James. As of Friday evening, he hadn’t even seen his newborn son yet.

What do you think of all this?