Sad Announcement About Sasha and Malia Obama


When children of politicians are attacked by the media, many believe that children should just be left out of political discourse. Yet unsurprisingly, right-wing media has called off all bets when it comes to Malia and Sasha Obama.

At Chicago’s annual Lollapalooza this past weekend, a picture was taken of Sash kissing a young man named Matt Metzler.

Of course, the internet has gone wild, along with the notion that the Obama’s are horrible parents for letting their 16-year-old daughter kiss a strange boy at a music festival.

It’s unfortunate that we live in a time where supposed right-wing “reporters” think it is okay for them to spend their time hunting down any behavior from the left that they can deem as “inappropriate.” Which is funny because they decide to avoid reporting actual hateful rhetoric from many right-wing figures and even our very own “president.”

It’s clear that the leaked images are from a friend of either Sasha or Metzler. That’s a problem that we aren’t fully addressing in the leaks of Sasha and Malia, that they seem to be coming from the girl’s inner circles.

What it all simply boils down to is: When are we going to leave these girls alone?

Their lives are unique in the fact that they grew up in the White House and are the daughters of former President Barack Obama. Malia and Sasha were forced to be treated as adults in the public eye growing up.

Yet this doesn’t mean they can’t enjoy being typical teenagers from time-to-time.

So why are they’re actions put on the spotlight for being so “wrong” when they are clearly trying to find themselves in the world after being under a microscope for almost a decade?

Who’s now going to hold the people accountable who find it fun to invade the lives of two young women?