Sad Announcement About Michelle Obama


Racist alt-right Alex Jones, who hosts Infowars, is pushing the theory that former First Lady is a transgender. The despicable video shows photos of the ever-lovely Michelle Obama looking and acting like a man, according to Jones.

The alt-right will stop at nothing to hurt Michelle and the entire Obama family. Conservatives have spent the entire summer coming up with conspiracy theories while the Obama’s were on vacation and their daughter, Malia was taking a gap year before attending Harvard.


According to Jones, the video proof that Michelle is really “Michael” is being “censored off the Internet as fast as you can upload it,” suggesting some sort of conspiracy theory.

“Since the early days of the Obama administration, citizens across the board have studied videos and photos of Michelle Obama, and said, ‘That is a man,'” said Jones. In the video Jones suggests that red carpet commentator, Joan Rivers, brought the theory to light when she called Michelle a “tranny.”

Jones also suggests that Rivers was killed for her comments, “She died a month later in a freak medical mishap.” Trying to twist facts Jones said the audience needs to ask themselves, “Why did Joan Rivers die right after she questioned this and what does this footage mean to you?”

Jones claims he doesn’t have anything against “trannies” because he’s a libertarian. It’s as though Jones feels that by making that statement he is no way responsible for bolstering the lie.

As if smearing Michelle wasn’t good enough, Jones brought the young Obama daughters into the fray by insinuating that they are “beards.”

Chelsea Clinton was appalled and disgusted with the website for suggesting such a thing and defended Michelle on social media.