Rolling Stone Hit Trump HARD With New Cover


We all know how sensitive Trump’s ego is. Although he somehow won the election and found his way into the Oval Office, he’s continuously dragged down by scandal after scandal and makes a laughingstock of himself every time he opens his mouth.

It’s clear he’s frustrated by what he sees as disloyalty that surrounds him and massive failure of the Republicans in Congress to achieve anything.

Trump has taken to lashing out on Twitter and it’s clear he is not capable of restraining himself whatsoever as he continuously digs himself into a deeper hole.

The next cover of Rolling Stone magazine certainly won’t help boost his mood or his ego.

Canadian Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau, has appeared as the opposite of Donald Trump. Young, well-spoken, tolerant, cultured, and open-minded, he’s captured many American’s attention who wish he was our own leader instead of the lazy narcissistic bigot we somehow got stuck with.

The Rolling Stone article covered on Trudeau shows exactly why our country would be so much better off if we had a man like him in charge.

It’s also a big reminder that we need to find the next leader who will push out the plague of Republicans in Congress and the White House.

The article goes on to explain Trudeau’s accomplishments, personality, and vision for the future. Canada has cut taxes for the middle class and raised them on the one percent of the country.

Nine out of ten Canadian families now have more money each month to help them with the costs of life.

The complete opposite approach Trump wants to take.

Our neighbor to the North has also been proactively dealing with the opioid crisis and has been able to drop the country’s unemployment rate significantly.

Trudeau has even managed to have a great relationship with the press, which he believes “is essential to any good democracy.”

He is truly trying to Make Canada Great Again, with let’s say, much more effective methods.

Read the whole interview with Trudeau here.