Piers Morgan LOSES IT When Pro-Gun Conservative Laughs About Las Vegas Massacre


On Good Morning Britain this morning, Piers Morgan became furious with a pro-gun campaigner. Morgan lost his temper when Dan Roberts started laughing about the horrific massacre in Las Vegas. Morgan said he could not “debate it civilly because it enrages him too much.”

Roberts response was that gun control supporters needed to “stop lying to people.” Piers, who has long called for a change to America’s gun laws, produced two Kinder Surprise eggs and revealed they were banned in the USA because the toys inside were deemed hazardous to children. When Roberts laughed, Piers snapped, “Don’t laugh – it’s not funny, 600 people got shot!”

Piers continued to drill the pro-gun campaigner, “I need you to explain why, after nearly 600 people are shot – of whom 59 are already dead – by a guy with no criminal record, apparently perfectly normal until he did this, who it appears legally acquired 42 guns – why this would not just automatically lead to new gun control measures, and why you would oppose that?”

Roberts, speaking via satellite from North Carolina, said, “It’s a very complex and complicated answer. I hear all the time from gun control supporters they want to have a conversation. There’s not going to be a conversation until gun control supporters stop lying to people or misrepresenting the facts.”

Piers accused Roberts of not answering the question and wanted to know how he could justify anyone being able to buy that many high powered weapons. Roberts answer was that there was “nothing exceptionally high powered” about the weapons the shooter used.

Piers just about lost his mind and said, “The man just shot 600 people – of course they’re high powered! We heard them firing! You’re talking complete and utter nonsense.”

Lack of gun control and gun laws allowed Stephen Paddock, the shooter in Las Vegas to murder innocent people with military grade weapons with no background check from a private seller.