Outrage After Tiffany Trump Seen Wearing THIS in Public


Tiffany Trump, the privelaged daughter of President Donald Trump, recently celebrated her 24th birthday dressed in a $675, super-short Haute Hippie tuxedo dress while eating truffles and indulging in alcoholic beverages at the high brow store and restaurant, Urbani Truffles, in Manhattan.

The celebutante, who has 895,000 followers in Instagram and is a law student at the elite Georgetown University in Washington, D.C., was joined by her mother, Marla Maples, her half-brother Donald Jr., and two of Donald Jr.’s 5 kids.

While it is not 18th century France, and Tiffany isn’t Marie Antoinette, it isn’t hard to draw parallels between the two. Tiffany’s behavior appears consistently self-idulgent and sleazy, as she wears skimpy, tight-fitting, and exorbitantly expensive outfits, such as the one she wore on her birthday.

She can be seen regularly downing large amounts of alcohol while eating fancy dinners, such as her birthday dinner, which was held at a restaurant where dinners start at $150 per person. Meantime, most people in this country struggle to put even the simplest meals on the table. But don’t worry about Tiffany. Even if she realizes this, she dosen’t seem to let it bother her at all.

And the elitist university that Tiffany attends? The annual tuition is $57,576. That’s far more than the annual income of approximately $35,000 which a head of household taxpayer makes in this country.

As noted in a Slate.com article on Tiffany, “Tiffany graduated from her father’s alma mater, the University of Pennsylvania, with a degree in sociology and urban studies in May. Her upbeat, Rich Kids of Instagram–worthy online profile depicts a lavish life of travel, parties, photo shoots, and family.”

So what kind of a role model has Tiffany Trump proven to be? Pretty much the kind we should all have expected: a short-skirted, self-indulgent, uncaring, overly-privileged one.