Outrage After Tiffany Trump Caught Doing THIS Over the Weekend [PHOTOS]


Trump’s youngest daughter Tiffany decided to go to Berlin with her boyfriend in mid-June but there’s a big giant expense to the United States we have to shell out for her spontaneous travels.

Instead of going alone, her United States Secret Service detail has to go along with her, anywhere she decides to go. Purchase orders that were viewed by CBS News shows that the hotel cost alone for her Secret Service team cost us taxpayers $22,439.

This number doesn’t even include the cost to actually pay the Secret Service agents for their time, meals, or their flights to get there.

One of the purchase orders for the hotel included “URGENT! Rooms Regent USSS (Tiffany Trump visit) June 14-24” indicating that the Secret Service had very short notice that the trip was even taking place. Common practice is that agents must examine a site well ahead of time, which they were unable to do for this jet-setting trip.

Since the Secret Service does not have an office anywhere in Berlin, they had to set up a “temporary office” in a hotel room for Tiffany Trump’s visit. This room was known as the “control room,” as reported by an agency official.

When requested for comments about this trip, the Trump Organization chose not to respond.

While in Berlin, Tiffany posted pictures of her and her boyfriend enjoying several local sites, one of which was the Brandenburg Gate in Berlin.

Tiffany went on to post a picture of her and her boyfriend in Budapest on July 13th to her 848,000 followers on Instagram.

There’s currently been no word yet on the hotel bills out of Hungary.

According to the federal purchase orders reviewed by CBS News, a running total of hotel costs, ski passes, and chauffeur services for the United States Secret Service agents that follow Trump’s children abroad has racked up to over 280,000 in tax payers’ dollars so far this year.

Is this what your money is going towards?