Obama Just Made Presidential HISTORY… Donald Trump Is LIVID!


A debate has raged amongst Americans as to who they believed has been the best president in the modern history of the United States. According to a newly released poll with Ronald Reagan topped the list, but with his exit from office just a week ago Barack Obama’s popularity shot through the roof.

 which found 29 percent of respondents said since World War II Obama is the greatest president. He barely trailed behind Reagan with 30 percent.

Interestingly Reagan’s popularity has diminished since the poll was taken in 2014 when he received 35 percent of the vote. Bill Clinton also saw his popularity fall from 18 percent in 2014 to a single digit of a mere 9 percent. John Kennedy also fell in standing with 12 percent today compared 嘉盛 to 15 percent in 2014. Oddly Harry Truman, who is the only president to unleash an atomic weapon, is only considered by 1 percent of respondents to be the greatest president. Apparently killing hundreds of thousands of Japanese with the push of a button has not endeared him to the modern population.

However, the news was not all daisies and roses for Obama. When pollsters asked who they believed was the worst president, Obama received 23 percent, compared to George W. Bush’s 22 percent. The winner of the dubious distinction was Richard Nixon with 24 percent.

The polling is by no means official and does not actually designate anything. It is interesting, though, to see how the opinions of Americans will change over time.