BOOM! Queen Elizabeth Publicly SNUBS TRUMP in Best Way Possible


Donald Trump hoped for two great things to happen when he visits the United Kingdom – he wants to ride in Queen Elizabeth’s golden carriage, and to have no protests against him.

Conscientious Britons have already put plans into motion for a mass demonstration for any route Trump might take. They want him to see nothing except naked buttocks of the people who have literally turned their backs on him. The coordination is happening on Twitter with the hashtag #ShowYourRumpToTrump.

Because of the obvious angry welcome Trump will receive, he is expected to scale the visit back quite a bit when he goes to the United Kingdom early next year. He will not see the Queen at all (no ride in the carriage), and there is no doubt the protests will be massive.

Trump was extended the honor of a full state visit earlier this year, but the invitation was put off, so to speak. Traditionally, a full state visit is only given in the president’s second term in office. The invitation caused an uproar in the United Kingdom, prompting mass protest plans and boycotts when he visits.

More than 1.8 million Britons signed a petition against Trump’s state visit, and the Speaker of the House Commons John Bercow, told Parliament that Trump should in no way address the body. London Mayor Sadiq Khan also opposed Trump’s visit, saying he was not sure it is “appropriate for our government to roll out the red carpet” for him.

The visit that is now being planned for Trump will be very low-key, according to the London Evening Standard. The government is trying to avoid controversy, having him as a guest of the U.S. ambassador Woody Johnson, rather than the Buckingham Palace.

American officials refuse to comment on President Trump’s visit to the United Kingdom.