Mike Pence Just Landed in Colorado… Immediately Got a NASTY SURPRISE


President Donald Trump is egotistic and an opportunist, who doesn’t seem to have any clear cut political beliefs. However, Vice President Mike Pence is a strict conservative right out of the sixteen hundreds.

Pence, the former Indiana Governor, has made his stance on homosexuals and women quite clear. He’s against them. In recent reports he has actually said that he refuses to be alone in a room with any woman besides his wife. That makes it difficult for any woman who would like to work with the Vice President or in the office of the Vice President. Ultimately keeping women out of the office, which is what Pence wants.

When Pence was in Colorado just a few days ago, a group of women found a fantastic way to draw attention to his sexism and discrimination.


The Handmaid’s Tale, written by Margaret Atwood, gave this group of women the inspiration to their protest. The best selling novel and Hulu show depicts a future in which women are viewed as property and are dehumanized by the men in charge of the new world.

The group of protesters wore red capes and white hoods, as they do in the novel, to bring attention to the parallels between the fictitious characters and our real life political leaders such as Pence. Focus on the Family, a right wing organization, was where Pence was making a speech when the protest occurred. This organization agrees with and promotes Pence’s oppressive positions.

Ryan Barry, from Unite Colorado Springs, spoke with the Denver Post and said, “It’s a way of showing that Focus on Family and Mike Pence stand for very restrictive, traditional gender roles, opposition to choice for women and anti-LGBTQ positions.” Barry called Focus on the Family a “backwards organization that’s promoting stuff that’s far beyond what most of us would consider applicable for modern society.”

When referring to Pence, many call him old school. Unfortunately for America, his old school isn’t just the 1950s, he wants to bring us back to the dark ages.