Michelle Obama Hit With Devastating Blow


Liberals everywhere were overjoyed this week when reports circulated that Michelle Obama was about to announce that she would be running for president in 2020 against Donald Trump. Unfortunately, however, these reports were just confirmed to be fake news.

Business 2 Community reported that these reports came as especially bad news to Michelle, as she has been doing everything in her power to stay out of politics despite calls from Democrats for her to run for office. The fake news report reportedly originated with a site called America’s Last Line of Defense, which fuels the sick clickbait rumor that Michelle is transgender by putting “she” and “her” in quotes when referencing the former First Lady.

“Despite saying numerous times, often without being asked, that she would not run for President, Obama registered for ‘her’ presidential run with the FEC on Wednesday – a move that delighted people who wear “pussy hats” and scream ‘black lives matter’ while ignoring, like the Obamas, the plague of blacks killing blacks that is gripping inner cites across the country,” the site reported. “Obama has not made a formal announcement as of yet, but the paperwork is all filed. ‘She’ is doing this. “She” thinks she can win. ‘She’ is delusional.”

Millions of Americans absolutely adore Michelle and know that she would be a far better president than Trump could ever hope to be. However, she has always been open about her lack of interest in politics, and her feelings should be respected by the American people. Furthermore, it’s disturbing that conservative fake news sites continue to push the offensive theory that Michelle is transgender.

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