Melania Trump Copies Michelle Obama AGAIN – It Immediately Backfires

Donald Trump isn't going to like this...


Ever since she plagiarized a speech of Michelle Obama’s while speaking at the Republican National Convention last summer, Melania Trump has been facing accusations that she is copying the former First Lady. Now, Melania has once again found herself being accused of taking a page out of Michelle’e playbook.

Fox News reported that many have pointed out that Melania appears to be copying Michelle with her bare arms and belted waist, White House vegetable garden and parents in the residence. Though President Donald Trump is out to destroy the Obamas’ legacy, Melania appears to be trying to follow in Michelle’s footsteps as much as possible.

Melania rarely wore sleeveless or belts during the presidential campaign, yet she is constantly wearing them now. Michelle was known to have popularized these looks during her time in the White House.

Melania has also kept Michelle’s beloved vegetable garden, and has shown interest in women’s empowerment, military families and children’s issues.

Next month, Melania will be leading the U.S. delegation to the Invictus Games, an Olympics-style competition for wounded military personnel created by Britain’s Prince Harry. Michelle was an outspoken supporter of the Invictus Games when she was First Lady.

Clearly, Melania is in over her head as First Lady, so she is desperately trying to follow the example of someone who did the job exceptionally well. Much to her husband’s dismay, this person was Michelle Obama, and Melania is trying to be as much like her as she can.

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