Ivanka Trump Embroiled In Disturbing Sex Scandal


If Ivanka Trump is supposed to be such a champion of women’s rights, why have we heard nothing from her regarding the Harvey Weinstein sexual assault scandal? It seems that this would be the perfect opportunity for Ivanka to highlight some very real and problematic issues that women deal with on a daily basis.

Could it be that Ivanka’s father is one of the highest profile men to have ever been caught on tape discussing the sexual assault of women? Maybe Ivanka doesn’t want to speak out on the issue since then she would have to speak out against her father? Perhaps. Does that mean that this is the right thing to do? Perhaps not. Very perhaps not.

Let’s see. Are there other women who have lived with men who have faced legal and political problems due to their misogynistic treatment of women? Certainly. Hillary Clinton is one such woman, as her famed husband is famed for far more than being the president of this country.

Still, Hillary managed to speak out against Harvey Weinstein, who was a major donor to the Clinton Foundation.

Yes, it took Hillary five days to finally speak out against the almost irrefutable allegations against Weinstein. But at least she did finally say something. In fact, she did more than that. She talked all week about the shock she felt after discovering that Weinstein, whom she previously regarded as a friend, would behave in ways that were so egregious towards women. According to an article on newsweek.com, she also “pledged to donate the total of Weinstein’s campaign contributions to a women’s organization,” and to “donate at least $13,000 to charity to cover the entirety of his donations over the years, ever since her 2000 Senate primary race.”

So, Ivanka, either stop pretending to be a champion of women or step up to the plate and speak out about very real women’s issues. Don’t be the kind of woman that women speak of with disgust.