BOOM: Joe Bidens Daughter Breaks Silence – PUBLICLY DESTROYS Ivanka Trump


Ashley Biden, former Vice President Joe Biden’s daughter, has started a line of clothing that is 100% American made. This clothing line is being used to fund changes in impoverished communities.

What Biden is doing is fantastic and completely opposite of what Ivanka Trump and her father do with their brands. Ivanka’s clothing and accessories are made overseas in sweat shops. She steals designs from the likes of luxury footwear label Aquazzura from Italy.


Trump pushed his “America First” campaign promising more American jobs and less outsourcing out of country, however he hasn’t kept his promises, doesn’t put the American worker first, and exploits cheap labor elsewhere.

Ashley Biden is a social worker in Delaware that never rested on her laurels or her father’s money. She went out and saw the suffering that occurs when American communities lack the resources they need. Ashley wanted to make a positive impact and a change.

Ashley’s brand, Livelihood, sells high quality hoodies online and 100% of the profits get used to fund development programs. Ashley explains, “The phrase on the back of the neck line is ‘Keep Your Hood Up.’ It’s a reminder, even when life is tough, to keep your neighborhood up in prosperity and focus on the positive outreach in your community.”


The development program will pick zip code areas that are impoverished, the first two areas being Anacostia D.C. and Wilmington, Delaware, and fund projects that will be most beneficial to their specific areas.

In an interview with Teen Vogue, Ashley said, “I want a janitor, a school teacher, the local pastor, whomever is involved in the community to sit at the table and to pick the projects for economic development.” The scope available to community leaders is wide, including initiatives for “education, community centers, literacy programs, tutoring, or workforce development.”

Ivanka should take a page, or two, from Ashley’s book and help the communities in America.