Gust of Wind Shows the Truth About Trump’s Secret Baldness


Hilarious video footage shows an unfortunate gust of wind revealing the truth about President Trump’s baldness. In the video, Trump’s hair blows in the wind as he boards Air Force One.

As can be seen in the clip, a huge gust of wind whips up and appears to reveal the extent of the president’s hair loss as it exposes his balding scalp.

The president has repeatedly had to deny allegations that he wears a wig in the past, although his recent medical examination confirmed he takes pills to prevent hair loss.

The leader of the free world is said to brush all of his hair from the front and sides of head forwards and then lock in place with copious amounts of hairspray.

As is always the case with Trump, people thoroughly enjoyed sharing and commenting about the video on Twitter.


Having Trump in the White House is terrifying, but at least we can all share some laughs along the way.