FULL LIST: These Companies Are Promoting The N.R.A.


Enough is enough. We are sick of the National Rifle Association promoting assault rifles and other high power guns being used to murder innocent Americans. How many more children have to die before Washington DC politicians finally put their foot down and ban these weapons of mass carnage?

The NRA is a soulless organization. The will promote their cause of freedom for everyone to own assault rifles at any expense. The only way to get their attention is to hit them in the pocketbook.

The good news is that we are making progress. The following companies have cut all their ties with the NRA just within the last week: First National Bank of Omaha, Delta Airlines, United Airlines, Avis Car Rental, Enterprise, Hertz, Alamo, MetLife, Chubb, SimpliSafe, and Symantec.

There are still six major players out there who are helping the NRA. If we can get them to cut their ties to the NRA, the effects would be devastating.

The following 6 companies are still helping promote the NRA and their dangerous message of hate and fear mongering. Along with each company name is their contact information. Contact them and let them know you want them to cut all ties to the National Rifle Association!

Amazon: (206) 266-1000; The world’s largest retailer is still promoting NRA products on-line, and is a huge source of revenue for the NRA.

Apple: (800) 692–7753; Apple Computer distributes and promotes the NRA’s TV station, NRATV. Call the company and tell them to cut all ties to the NRA!

Capital One: (860) 226-6001; The financial conglomerate is still cross-promoting the NRA via their credit card product.

FedEx: (901) 818-7500; The giant shipping company has a deep business partnership with the gun lobby, and is also responsible for shipping gun parts across the country.

ROKU: (816) 272-8106; Roku is responsible for promoting the NRA’s original content via the NRATV App.

YouTube: (650) 253-0000; The ubiquitous video distributor is helping promote the NRA’s pro-assault weapon videos, and is allowing them to cross advertise on other video groups.

Let’s make a difference. We may even save a life.

Have you ever called a company about cutting ties with a sponsor like the NRA? What kind of success did you have? Please share your experiences in the comments section.