Trump’s Son Just Humiliated His Own Wife With Sexist Display At Rally


Flagrant sexism toward women seems to be a defining characteristic of the Trump family men. Donald has admitted to sexually assaulting women in the infamous 2005 ‘Access Hollywood’ tape with Billy Bush. The current president and one-time reality star has also been accused of molestation and rape, has been accused of sexual harassment by multiple women, and of course, has a lengthy record of unabashedly making lewd, degrading, and insulting comments about women from Meghan Kelly to Rosie O’Donnell, and many in between.

Like father, like son.

Video of Eric and Lara Trump in Youngstown:

At Tuesday’s Youngstown rally for the president, Eric Trump appeared onstage before the assembled crowd. With him was his pregnant wife, Lara. Eric proceeded to treat his wife like a trophy or a prized possession.

Eric had his wife turn sideways to show off the baby bump for the assembled throng, showing her off in a manner befitting a Westminster champion show dog. He applauded himself for being able to land such a fine woman.

Somehow, throughout the cringe-worthy ordeal, Lara managed to keep a smile painfully plastered on her face. One could imagine her thinking, “Please Eric, don’t do this!” It was hard not to feel relief for her when her time being paraded onstage was over.

Donald Trump with Billy Bush and actress Arianne Zucker

What about Donald’s other adult son, Donald Jr.? He once infamously tweeted the following: “Ever notice that if u get a herd of mothers together they arent physically capable of talking about anything but birth pregnancy & diapers?”

Donald Trump Jr. on safari, holding elephant tail

The use of the word “herd” when referring to women is telling. From Donald on town to his adult sons, they clearly have a view of women as little more than chattel, or animals. They certainly have no track record of treating women with respect, or as having equal dignity as men.

Maybe Donald Jr. and Eric deserve to be cut a bit of slack, however. They had one heck of a role model in their mysogynistic father.