Donald Trump Just Visited A Fire Station… And Showed What a Classless PIG He Is


Donald Trump paid a surprise post-Christmas visit to firefighters in West Palm Beach, Florida on Wednesday, where he decided to brag about himself. He spent nearly the entire time touting his self-proclaimed “successes” as president.

Rather than talk about how amazing our firefighters are, Trump bragged legislative accomplishments, including the GOP tax bill, before the first responders stationed at West Palm Beach Fire Rescue. The president had changed out of the golf attire he’d been spotted in just before the visit and into a suit for the meet and greet.

“You do a fantastic job, and I just wanted to thank you very much. Really fantastic people,” he said. “So thank you all very much, we appreciate it, now I’ll go back to Palm Beach and you go back and watch yourselves on television. Create some stars in here, chief.”

Trump continued to talk for several minutes about his “record-level” of achievements in office, including a tax cut bill the GOP approved just before the Christmas holiday. He called it the “legislation of all legislation” in his remarks at the firehouse.

Trump also says the country is “doing well,” with the stock market and 401(k) retirement plans rising. He says the United States is a “big, beautiful ship” that his administration is turning around.

Of course, Trump failed to mention that many Americans, including DREAMERs, live in fear not knowing their future in the nation they call home. He failed to mention the fact that hate crime has gone up since he got into office. And he failed to mention that his approval ratings are at record lows.