UNBELIEVABLE: Outrage After Donald Trump Does THIS With Wife Melania


First Lady Melania Trump spent some time with the children of Air Force soldiers at Joint Base Andrews youth center in Maryland. She went up on stage to deliver a short speech and to introduce her husband, President Donald Trump.

As the President came to the microphone, he stuck out his hand for a handshake, which was visibly not what Melania expected, then ushered her off the state mumbling, “You go and sit down now.”

Melania did a fairly good job with her short speech, not only thanking the men and women of the Air Force, but reminding them that America is grateful for them. The First Lady said, “In the wake of two devastating hurricanes, the world has witnessed your courage and compassion and you have made every American proud.” She continued, “I know I speak on behalf of myself and my husband when I tell you we are grateful for your service.”


Trump didn’t appear to be paying any attention to his wife’s speech as he gazed into the distance. Melania gave the President a fine introduction, “And know now, it’s my great pleasure to introduce my husband, the President of the United States, Donald Trump.” Long before Melania could offer her cheek Donald extended his hand to her.


Donald seemed to mouth, “Good job” to Melania as he shook his wife’s hand in front of all the Air Force men and women that stood behind them. As Melania turned Trump actually patted her on the back and guided her off the stage.

The awkward and icy interaction between the President and First Lady isn’t going unnoticed on social media:




Earlier this month Ivanka went with her “Daddy” to North Dakota and went on the stage to help Donald deliver a speech. Her reception from the President was a noticeably different.