DESPICABLE: Take A Look at the Merchandise Being Sold at Trump’s Ohio Rally Today


What Trump supporters lack in good decision-making and they clearly make up for in bad taste.

That would be a logical interpretation to an observer of the merchandise sold at Donald Trump’s Youngstown, Ohio rally on Tuesday.

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The items sold at the Trump rally included T-shirts, gun targets, and other assorted merchandise that were generally ridiculous and often highly offensive. Of course, most who had gathered for the event ate it up and sales were brisk.

Attendees of the rally were enthusiastic in their views of the president.

“Do the American people really care about all that or do they care about infrastructure?,” posited Kyle Storm in regard to the dangerous Trump-Russia ties and the role Russia played in getting Donald Trump elected. He added that he felt Trump was off to a good start as president, and had done “a good job” over his first half-year in office. Voicing a common theme among Trump supporters, Storm expressed a hope that the president would somehow be able to create more jobs.

Trump supporter Kyle Storm

Beverly Firmstone, Trump supporter and resident of nearby Columbiana County, weighed in: “He’s made us proud to be Americans.” Wearing the ubiquitous red ‘Make America Great Again’ baseball cap, her husband, Joe Firmstone, added, “And he ain’t done yet.”

What do these people – and so many more like them – see in Donald Trump that they find so appealing? Trump says he is going to bring back jobs to the US, and statements like that are music to the ears of folks like those in attendance at Tuesday’s Youngstown rally. But how? Wishful thinking only ends in deep disappointment.

Supporters of the president like those at the Youngstown rally have been sold on empty promises. How long until the bloom is off the rose for these folks?