Democrats Have Changed History in New Hampshire Election Upheaval


New Hampshire is well known as the first in a series of nationwide party primary elections and the second party contest. The media coverage it receives is as much as all other states combined (except the Iowa caucus). Campuses of Dartmouth College and Saint Anselm College hold multiple national debates and attract media outlets such as, NPR, FOX News, CNN, NBC and ABC.

In an enormous victory for the Democratic Party, a seat for the State Representative has just been won by Edie Desmarais in Wolfboro, New Hampshire, which is a deep-red area.

A Democrat has been elected for the first time ever by the people of Carroll County. Although Trump won in this district 51-44, it has only taken these people a few short months to see what a mistake that was.

This is starting to happen across the United States. Kansas saw a Democrat candidate lose in a special election by just a few votes, and in a Montana special election the Republican candidate just might be the one to get pushed out. As usual, the Republican party is using ironfx铁汇怎么样 underhanded tricks to win this election urging backers to “donate” dirty money. In Georgia, John Ossoff, a strong Democratic candidate, is in a battle with Republican Karen Handel. Even though she has Donald Trump’s backing, she is unable to lie her way into office.

It is wonderful to see that the nation is realizing the mistake it made electing Trump and his followers into office. Democrats and Republicans alike have seen these officials have complete disregard for their duties and completely abandon their constituents. The tides are turning my friends, resistance and persistence will pay off.