Chelsea Handler Smacks Down Ivanka Trump

Chelsea Handler and Ivanka Trump

Chelsea Handler, host of a politically-charged talk show, entitled Chelsea, was recently in Washington, D.C. to interview a variety of Democratic Senators, including Al Franken (Minn.), Kirsten Gillibrand (N.Y.) and Elizabeth Warren (Mass.).

While in D.C., Handler enjoyed drinks and some political gossiping with a group of journalists at the Teddy & The Bully bar in the downtown area. During this get-together, Handler entertained her journalist friends with some politically-related vignettes, including one particularly amusing one about an awkward meeting she had with President Donald Trump’s eldest daughter, Ivanka.

According to Handler, this run-in occurred in October 2016 during Fortune magazine’s Most Powerful Women summit in California. As Handler tells it, she and Ivanka first met face-to-face at this event. When Handler, who is no Trump fan, was first introduced to Ivanka, Handler blurted out, “I can’t even with you.”

Handler then went on to describe Ivanka’s reaction to this awkward statement as being a mixture of confusion and indifference.

Ivanka was likely not surprised by Handler’s pronouncement, as Handler has been an outspoken critic of Ivanka’s father, referring to him at one point as a “toddler.” Handler has also called Ivanka a “puppet” of her father.

Apparently Handler has had practice brushing off other members of the Trump family, too. As she states in a Washington Times article, “Once [Donald Trump] came up to me in a restaurant in L.A. to introduce himself — to tell me he’s Donald Trump. I said, ‘Great.'”

Haha! Go Chelsea!