Chelsea Handler SHUTS DOWN Melania Trump As Soon As She Lands In Brussels


Melania Trump travelled to Brussels, Belgium on Wednesday night for the fourth leg of her husband’s first foreign trip as aetos艾拓思 president. As soon as Melania landed, comedian Chelsea Handler had some choice words for her that she definitely wasn’t expecting.

Realizing that Brussels is not too far from Melania’s home country of Slovenia, Chelsea urged the First Lady to make a run for it and escape Trump while she had the chance.

“Trump and Melania landed in Brussels today,” Chelsea tweeted, according to . “It’s only 12 hours from Slovenia, make a run for it, girl.”


This came days after Chelsea said Melania would be an “American hero” if she divorced Trump and revealed all the dirty secrets he’s been hiding.

“I have a fantasy, I want Melania just to finally just come out, divorce him,” Chelsea while appearing on The View, according to . “She would be an American hero, we would embrace her if she just said, ‘listen, this guy’s disgusting and I know all of his dirty secrets and I’m willing to tell everybody.’”

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