BREAKING: TERRIBLE Announcement About Michelle Obama


Former First Lady Michelle Obama revealed a new Nutrition Facts Label in May 2016 as part of her “Let’s Move” campaign. The Trump administration is doing everything they can to delay the implementation of these labels.

“The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is proposing to extend the compliance dates by approximately 1.5 years for the final rules providing updated nutrition information on the label of food, including dietary supplements; defining a single-serving container; requiring dual-column labeling for certain containers; updating, modifying, and establishing certain reference amounts customarily consumed (RACCs); and amending the label serving size for breath mints,” the agency announced.


Michelle Obama pushed to have the calories listed larger than the rest of the contents on the label so that Americans could “make more informed food choices.”

The FDA, under the Trump administration, decided that they would give manufacturers more time to comply with these simple changes.

Conservatives jumped on Michelle Obama’s Nutrition Label changes citing misleading research to justify including added sugars. The reason for including “added sugars” was based on the 2015 Dietary Guidelines. Research was done by a government committee and several experts that included the Institute of Medicine and the European Food Safety Authority.


The former First Lady worked hard to get healthy lunches into schools, but under the Trump administration the Department of Agriculture is letting schools use more salt in their lunches. “By forgoing the next phase of sodium reduction, the Trump administration will be locking in dangerously high sodium levels in school lunch,” Margo Wootan, a lobbyist for the Center for Science in the Public Interest, told the Tampa Bay Times.


Michelle Obama’s “Let Girls Learn” education campaign has also been squashed by the Trump administration. The campaign was administered by the Peace Corps in 44 countries. Last October, to mark the International Day of the Girl, the program announced more than $5 million in new private sector commitments “to help address the barriers that prevent adolescent girls from attaining an education”.