BREAKING: 69 Republican Lawmakers Voted AGAINST Sending Aid To Puerto Rico


On Thursday, the House of Representatives approved a $36.5 billion disaster aid package, which includes assistance for hurricane-hit Puerto Rico.

The vote took place just hours after President Donald Trump warned on Twitter that the federal government “cannot keep FEMA, the Military & the First Responders … in [Puerto Rico] forever!”

While many in government have the nation’s best interest at heart, 69 Republicans don’t, as they voted against helping those devastated by wild fires and hurricanes.

Members of the Freedom Caucus who voted against the aid said they don’t want to add government spending to the deficit. The Caucus includes Jim Jordan of Ohio, Chairman Mark Meadows of North Carolina, and Justin Amash of Michigan.


If the bill goes through, $16 billion would go to the national flood insurance program debt, $18.7 billion for FEMA disaster relief, and $576.5 million for wildfire recovery. The bill includes $1.27 billion for disaster food relief in Puerto Rico.

At this time, 90% of Puerto Rico is still without power, water, or food supplies.


North Carolina Representative Mark Walker voted against the aid and tried to explain his self-centered behavior and selfishness to the Wall Street Journal. Walker said, “Hurricane aid shouldn’t be added to the debt. That’s akin to going to the Emergency Room after an injury, putting the charges on a credit card, and then pretending that the Visa bill is never going to arrive.”

Are these the people we want representing us in Washington? The bottom line is 69 Republicans voted against helping Houston and Florida, turned a blind eye to the wildfires in California, and want to completely ignore Puerto Rico.