BOOM: You’ll CHEER When You See Who Just Destroyed Ivanka Trump


Comedian Chelsea Handler points out that Ivanka Trump could quite possibly be a bigger hypocrite than her father, President Donald Trump. Ivanka claimed, when her father was elected into office, that she just wanted to be a daughter…nothing more.

That certainly couldn’t be any farther from the truth. During the first month of Trump’s presidency Ivanka was seen more than any other public figure, then she commanded an office in the White House. Finally, she became the Assistant to the President, which is what was planned all along.

Ivanka tries to humanize Donald Trump, show a softer, wiser side. Citizens of the United States are supposed to be duped into thinking that she has some sort of control over what her father does, which was proven painfully untrue when he pulled out of the Paris Agreement.

Just like the rest of the Trump family, Ivanka is profiting off of her father’s time in office. She suddenly gained Chinese trademarks for her brand the same weekend the Chinese President visited. And since that time, her brand has been exposed for slave labor conditions in the Chinese factories making her goods.

Her Twitter and Instagram posts are so staged it’s sickening. She writes things that are at times offensive. Showing pictures of her obscene wealth certainly doesn’t match her “I’m just one of you” ideals that she would like America to believe.

Just like her father, Ivanka is taking full advantage of her position and exploiting it for all it’s worth. We can only hope Trump will be impeached and the entire Trump family will go down in flames.

Chelsea Handler gives brilliant advice to Ivanka about her father. Handler states that her father is just like Trump. “Donald Trump conducts business like a used car salesman, my dad was literally a used car salesman. WATCH and ENJOY the video below.