America Needs To Know – Will the Real First Lady Please Stand Up?!


It has been painfully obvious since Donald Trump took office who the woman is by his side. His daughter, Ivanka Trump. Most Presidents have their wives next to them at all State dinners, important events and meetings. Not our President. He chooses his eldest daughter, or Melania’s absence chooses it for him.

Melania Trump has made no secret that she never had any interest in becoming the First Lady, and she doesn’t want to perform the duties that come with that role. Vanity Fair reported that the First Lady and the First Daughter have a “frosty” relationship.

The relationship is a strong rivalry that the White House refuses to admit. From decorating offices to clothing choices, one could describe the relationship between them as tumultuous, at best.

The First Lady’s responsibilities at the White House are vast, requiring her to be present on a day-to-day basis. Melania’a insistence that she remain in New York has created quite the stir in Washington. Ivanka, daughter of Ivana Trump, seems perfectly happy to fill the First Lady’s shoes and enjoy the limelight.


New York Daily News reported that, “Not only is Ivanka moving into the First Lady’s office, she’s redecorating it.” The White House has labeled it “The First Family Office.” Never in the history of presidential families has a daughter so overstepped her boundaries and position.

Ivanka, and her husband, Jared Kushner, have placed themselves in positions that will keep them close to the President and his decisions. Both are considered Trump’s closest advisers.